dimanche 14 juin 2009

Seth GODING - Comment élaborer un manuel

Professors should be spending their time devising pages or chapterettes or even entire chapters on topics that matter to them, then publishing them for free online. (it's part of their job, remember?) When you have a class to teach, assemble 100 of the best pieces, put them in a pdf or on a kindle or a website (or even in a looseleaf notebook) and there, you're done. You just saved your intro marketing class about $15,000. Every semester. Any professor of intro marketing who is assigning a basic old-school textbook is guilty of theft or laziness.

This industry deserves to die. It has extracted too much time and too much money and wasted too much potential. We can do better. A lot better. [source]

Très bien, mais ! Savoir rédiger un article ou un mini chapitre, ça ne s'invente pas. Et l'écriture académique — la référence m'échappe — c'est quand même du cyborg speech... U_u
Surtout en français... T_T

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