samedi 23 mai 2009

Dan ARIELY - Peser irrationnellement nos décisions

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Transcript de la conclusion :
Dan Ariely
But there is a siver lining. And the silver lining is the reason I think why behavoiral economic is interesting and exciting.

Dan Ariely
You know. Are we Superman or are we Omer Simpson ? When it comes to building the physical world, We build steps. We build these things that no everybody can use obviously.

Dan Ariely
But, we build them. We understand our limitations. And we build around it

Dan Ariely
But for some reason, when it comes to the mental world, when we design things, like health care, retirement and stock market, we somehow forget that we are limited.

Dan Ariely
And I think that if we understood our cognitive limitations, in the same way we understand our physical limitations, even though they're staring in the face in the same way, we could design a better world.

Dan Ariely
And that is, I think, the hope of this thing.

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