jeudi 10 juillet 2008

Récupérer les pistes audio depuis iChat dans Garageband

Je ne savais pas ça ! Terrib' !!! *^_^*

Keep audio records or create Podcasts

Thanks to the seamless integration of Apple’s iLife apps, iChat & Garageband work together in perfect harmony. After initiating a voice chat, fire up Garageband and select “New Podcast Episode”. After Garageband completes loading, initiate a new recording. Garageband does the rest splitting each respective iChat audio participant into separate tracks. A great way to co-create Podcasts or record private audio chats. As much as I enjoy the convenience of such functionality, I do think that Apple should implement some sort of “this chat is being recorded” feature for the privacy minded. To date, there is no way for contacts to know whether their conversations are being recorded in real time. [source]

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