vendredi 23 mars 2007

Dixit David WARLICK

Voici deux citations extraites du programme du colloque Literacy and Learning in the 21st Century s'ayant tenu hier et aujourd'hui à Fredericton, Nouveau Brunswick.
Literacy and Learning in the 21st Century –David Warlick
As little as we know about the future for which we are preparing our students, it is clear that it will be a place that is governed by information. We know that accessing, processing, building with, and communicating that information will be a major part of our daily personal and professional tasks. Being literate in this future will certainly involve the ability to read, write, and do basic arithmetic. However, the concept of literacy in the 21st century will be far richer and more comprehensive than the 3 Rs of the one room school house. This enlightening and thought-provoking address will describe how our notions of literacy must expand to address a rapidly changing information environment where information is networked, digital, and overwhelming.
Flattening World and Flat Classrooms – David Warlick
You can not attend any kind of conference today without someone standing in front of you and saying, “You must read The World is Flat.” The emerging and increasingly ubiquitous Internet is promoting a world where geography means very little when it is talent that helps you accomplish your goals.

Over the past two years, we have also seen an enormous flattening of the information landscape where more and more of the content that resides on the Internet comes from conversations than from formal publishing. Individuals are writing and publishing their own digital magazines (blogs) and some of them are making a living at it, entirely independent of publishers and printing. What impact does this have on our classrooms, are they flat too?

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